mind-body training

The Mind-Body Training is a ten-week course devoted to alleviating the distress of infertility.  It replicates the Harvard Medical Institute's Infertility Program and it incorporates the research of international infertility pioneer Alice Domar, Ph.D.
In a 2000 study, Dr. Alice Domar found that infertile women who went through a ten-week program of relaxation training, cognitive restructuring, and stress management demonstrated significant reductions in anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue.  Furthermore, within one year, 55% of program graduates had a pregnancy that resulted in a baby.  This compared to only 20% of the control group, who did not take the course.
Since then, there has been increasing evidence that anxiety and depression may hinder fertility, and many physicians recommend that patients take the Mind-Body course while they pursue medical treatment.
In 2003 I trained with Dr. Domar and became the first therapist in the Chicago area certified to reproduce her Mind-Body program.
Many participants in my Mind-Body workshops have gotten pregnant during the program and after its completion.  More importantly, most graduates have said that the program has helped them learn not only how to survive but also how to flourish and thrive during this difficult time in their lives.
 the program will teach you:
  Self-nurturing skills
  Recognizing and changing repeated negative thoughts
  Ways to create a "safe" support system
  Relaxation strategies, stress management skills, and mindfulness
  Lifestyle habits that increase your odds of conception and contribute to well-being             for the rest of your life
  New methods of coping with the challenges of family building
I also offer a “mini” mind-body personal training.